Tanja Petrović is a research Advisor at the Institute of Culture and Memory Studies ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana. Her field of interest include post-socialist studies, memory studies, labour history, gender history, linguistic anthropology.

She studied language and literature at the University of Belgrade and obtained a PhD from the Ljubljana Postgraduate School in Humanities (ISH) in 2005. Her dissertation was about language and identity strategies of a small Serbian-speaking community in Southern Slovenia. She was interested in the relationship between the choice of language resources and broader social and political frames that were relevant for this community’s positioning. Since 2005 she has been a researcher at ZRC SAZU. She is currently the head of the Institute of Culture and Memory Studies ZRC SAZU and a teacher at the ZRC SAZU Postgraduate school.

She is interested in uses and meanings of socialist and Yugoslav legacies in post-Yugoslav societies, as well as in cultural, linguistic, political, and social processes that shape the reality of these societies. She explores a plethora of issues, encompassing the role of language in forming ideologies, memory and identity, labour and gender histories in post-Yugoslav spaces, the relationship between memory, heritage, and historiographic narratives on Yugoslav socialism. She has published numerous articles and monographs on anthropology of post-socialism, memory studies, masculinity, gender history, heritage studies, linguistic anthropology, and labour history.

She was a fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Sofia (2005–2006), the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (2010–2011), and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies (2013–2014). She is an Honorary Research Associate of The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies, LMU Munich and the University of Regensburg.