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Demonstrations in front of the parliament, Ljubljana, March 23 1993. Photo: Tone Stojko. © Muzej za novejšo zgodovino Slovenije [National Museum of Contemporary History], collection Tone Stojko, inv. n. TS19932303_22.

Gorizia, 26. 5. 2023

The èStoria festival, which opens up to topics of great relevance with a multidisciplinary approach, became recognized as a popular event of excellence for the 19th year. During the days of the Festival there are meetings, which bring together the most authoritative voices animating international research and cultural-historical debate, book presentations, shows, exhibitions, projections and accounts of testimonies. The festival brings history as a motif for dialogue and Gorizia as a meeting place to the centre stage, never renouncing sensitive attention to the specificities of the area. This year the central topic was laid to the history of women.

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Gorizia’s impressive history festival hosted the EIRENE members as well. At the roundtable entitled Donne nelle transizioni dei dopoguerra del Novecento. Il progetto ERC Eirene, Marta Verginella, Matteo Perisinotto, Urška Strle and Gorazd Bajc presented their project actvities. Marta as the PI outlined the most important aspects as well as the findings of the project and commented on the work conducted by other colleagues. Matteo spoke about illegal activities of women in the post-1918 area of Trieste, Urška discussed tobacco workers in Ljubljana, Klagenfurt and Rovinj by using a transnational, comparative and longitudinal approach, while Gorazd contextualized the cases of violence related to women after WWII.

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