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Demonstrations in front of the parliament, Ljubljana, March 23 1993. Photo: Tone Stojko. © Muzej za novejšo zgodovino Slovenije [National Museum of Contemporary History], collection Tone Stojko, inv. n. TS19932303_22.


Marta Verginella was a guest in ARS humana Radio Show talking about her research and the ERC EIRENE project. The conversation was in Slovene language and you can listen to it here.

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What options do we have to eliminate gender inequality and the exclusion of women at the entire societal level? Today, women are still paid less for the same work – on average 11% less than their male counterparts worldwide. Therefore, dealing with women’s rights and gender equality on International Women’s Day only does not solve any problems.
Together with Slovene National Radio ARS, Radio Trst A and the Slovenian program ORF Celovec, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Women’s Anti-Fascist Front, today the Union of Slovenian Women, we examine the position and status of women, what is the situation with gender equality and what role did Slovenian women play in the past.


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