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Congress of National Educational Association, Rome 1920. © Fototeca dei Civici Musei di Storia ed Arte [Photo library of the Civic History and Art Museums], inv. n. CMSA F9758.

I studied History and Sociology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, where I graduated in 2001. Between 2004-2007 I was employed as assistant researcher at the Department of Sociology (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana). I completed my PhD thesis entitled The Female Right to Vote as Democratic Innovation in 2007. I was elected Assistant for Sociology of Culture in 2005, while in 2011 I was elected for assistant Slovenian and General Modern History and in 2014 for assistant professor of Slovenian and General Modern History. During 2007 and 2014 I worked as a researcher at the Department of Sociology and Department of History. Since 2011 I have been holding classes on Slovene History of 19th Century and Women’s History. In 2015 I was regularly engaged as a lecturer for the Slovenian history of the 19th Century. I published a book The Entrance of Women in Slovenian Politics (2008) and contributed to numerous monographs and articles on the subject of social and political history.

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