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Congress of National Educational Association, Rome 1920. © Fototeca dei Civici Musei di Storia ed Arte [Photo library of the Civic History and Art Museums], inv. n. CMSA F9758.

I lecture European History of the 19th Century and Theory of History at the Department of History, University of Ljubljana. Between 2005 and 2007 I was the head of the Department.

Since 1998 I have been a member of the nostrification committee at the Senate of the Faculty of Arts. From 2006 to 2010 I was a national coordinator for historiography at Slovene Research Agency. From 2009 to 2013 I was a member of the council of the Slovene National Museum of Contemporary History. Since 2013 I have been a member of the management Board of the Slovenian Repertory Theatre in Trieste.

As a guest professor, I lectured at the ISH – Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities, University Federico II in Naples, University of Padova, University of Alessandria, University of Sassari, University of Trieste, University of Vienna, and at the University of Zagreb. In 2005 I also lectured at the University of Valencia, within the Mediterranean Chair, founded by UNESCO. I collaborate on a regular basis with the Scientific Research Centre of Koper, Istituto regionale per la storia del movimento di liberazione nel Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Slovenski znanstveni inštitut (Vienna), École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris), the Institut für Ost- Südosteuropa Forschung der Universität (Vienna). I am a member of various research institutions (Slovene National Matrix in Ljubljana, Slovene Research Institute in Trieste), societies (Society of Slovene Historians, SISSCO) and editorial boards (Studia Humanitatis, Zgodovinski časopis, Acta Histriae, Rivista DEP, Philosophy kitchen, and Qualestoria). I am also a member of the scientific committee of the Civico Museo della Guerra per la Pace Diego de Henriquez, Trieste. From January 2021 I am also a member of the editorial board of a scientific journal “Passato e presente”.

I published numerous monographs and articles on the subject of border studies, memory studies, oral history and the history of 19th century. I have also done a pioneering work in the social and cultural history of the First and Second World Wars, in the history of women, and on anti-Semitism and the Holocaust in Slovenia. The second axis of my work concerns so-called border studies, namely the epistemological questions arising from writing history in a multi-ethnic environment. In this regard, I have focused especially on historical actors which academically relevant historical studies have usually overlooked, particularly women. In my research, I have paid special attention to the daily migrations of women along the Slovene-Italian border.

My chief endeavor has been to bring Slovene historiography into contact with the latest European historiographical developments, especially those from the Romanic world. I was among the first to methodically introduce the findings and methodological approaches of the French historical anthropology and Italian microhistory into Slovene historiography and academia. On my initiative a number of internationally acclaimed researchers, for example, Luisa Passerini, Hervé le Bras, Maurizio Gribaudi, Sabina Loriga, Luisa Accati, Giacomo Todeschini, Giovanni Levi, Claudio Povolo and others, gave lectures in Slovenia.

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