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Congress of National Educational Association, Rome 1920. © Fototeca dei Civici Musei di Storia ed Arte [Photo library of the Civic History and Art Museums], inv. n. CMSA F9758.

I studied History and Germanic studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. I graduated from Germanic studies in 2011 and a year later from History (Slovenians and the Wiener Moderne). In 2012, I became an early stage researcher at the Institute for Historical Studies of the University of Primorska, where in 2017 I defended PhD dissertation titled The Role of Russia and the Importance of Slavic Reciprocity in the North Adriatic 1848-1914. During the years 2013-2016, I was also a pedagogical assistant for the subjects of 19th Century History and Totalitarian and Authoritarian Ideologies of the 20th Century at the same university. I researched in Ljubljana, Moscow and Vienna and participated in several international conferences.


I am the author of several articles (scientific and popular) and afterwords, and I sometimes work as an editor of contemporary literary and theoretical works, translated into Slovene language (Mathias Enard, Terry Eagleton, Maylis de Kerangal, Tatyana Tolstaya, Rachel Cusk …) and as an artistic director of the International Literary Festival Fabula .


I am interested in cultural and intellectual history, critical theory and theory of history.

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