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Demonstrations in front of the parliament, Ljubljana, March 23 1993. Photo: Tone Stojko. © Muzej za novejšo zgodovino Slovenije [National Museum of Contemporary History], collection Tone Stojko, inv. n. TS19932303_22.

EIRENE researcher Dagmar Wernitznig delivered a paper about the first work package ‘politics’ in the Alpine area after the First World War – dealing with women’s political representation and intellectual women – at a conference at the London School of Economics, entitled “Women and the History of International Thought” and sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust Research Project (University of Oxford). This event was part of a larger project and exhibition about Women’s International Thought (

Dagmar’s presentation examined narratives and politics of borderlands, intersecting with post-conflict ramifications of nationalisms, dislocation, or migration and women’s contribution in gender-related democratization dynamics and multi-ethnic territories during transitional periods, especially with paramilitary violence during the Greater War in the North-Eastern Adriatic Region.

The LSE also hosts the Women’s Library:

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