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Demonstrations in front of the parliament, Ljubljana, March 23 1993. Photo: Tone Stojko. © Muzej za novejšo zgodovino Slovenije [National Museum of Contemporary History], collection Tone Stojko, inv. n. TS19932303_22.

University of Verona, Department of Cultures and Civilizations
July 7, 2018

Marta Verginella, Narrazioni nazionali e usi pubblici del passato nell’area Alto Adriatica tra Otto e Novecento


About the workshop:

International scientific workshop gathered Italian, Spanish, French and Argentinian professionals to discuss the often conflictual and complex relation between public use of history and the historiography developed in the domain of scientific research. In light of various historical cases the workshop focused primarily upon the impact of nationalisms in explaining the past and the role of intellectuals in cases of political abuse of the past.


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