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Congress of National Educational Association, Rome 1920. © Fototeca dei Civici Musei di Storia ed Arte [Photo library of the Civic History and Art Museums], inv. n. CMSA F9758.

I graduated in History at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana in 2004. Between 2006 and 2010 I worked as a young research fellow at the Slovenian Migration Institute at the Science Research Centre of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana. In 2010 I completed my PhD thesis entitled Slovenians in Canada: Emigration through the Prism of Oral Testimony. In 2012 I was selected for a postdoc fellowship to research Slovenians in Canada, funded by the International Committee for Canadian Studies in Ottawa. Since 2013 I work as a research fellow Department of History in Ljubljana and since 2017 I hold seminars of Migration History and Oral History at the same institution, since 2018 I lecture on Epistemology of History.

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